Beets are from the same family as chard and spinach. Beets have so many benefits that it would be a shame not to incorporate them to your daily food diet. Beets provide a well-being sensation while reducing stress. Beets micro-greens have a slight sweet flavor and bring a colorful touch with its bright red stem and the contrasting darker green leaves. Beets are low in fat, rich in fiber, iron, nitrate, folic acid, minerals, and vitamins. Beets are also charged with powerful antioxidants. Promotes muscle oxygenation while exercising, which has the potential to reduce fatigue and raise the energy level and increase tolerance to endurancetraining. The pectin contained in beets help remove toxins and heavy metals from the body.

Detoxifying and healing power; Anti-stress; Helps de-grease the body; Powerful antioxidant; Increases immune function; Help protects against heart disease; Slows aging; Contributes in DNA repair and protection; Alleviates cardiovascular disease; Helps protect from Alzheimer; Helps protect from Osteoporosis; Stroke prevention; Reduces risk of Type II diabetes; Reduces frequency of migraine Headaches; Alleviates premenstrual syndrome (PMS); Prevention of epileptic seizures; Prevents alopecia (spot baldness); Alleviates Hypertension


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