Red Veined Sorrel


Sorrel micros are known for its delightful and strong lemony tang. It’s commonly used as a micro herb, garnish, or to give a dash of lemon zest to a salad! Sorrel is a lovely accompaniment to seafood and mild-flavored meats like poultry, and can add a nice zing to any smoothie or salad! A good source of Vitamin K, Vitamin C, oxalic acid, and Vitamin E, sorrel is a perennial herb that belongs in the knotweed family along with rhubarb and buckwheat. The term “knotweed” stems from the little nodes the stems of some of the family’s species have. Sorrel grows in grassland habitats all over Europe and in parts of Central Asia, though its history goes back as far as 1700 with mentions of the sour herb in Jamaican literature.

Improves skin health; Helps regulate muscle and nerve function; Lowers blood pressure; Increases blood circulation; Supports ocular health; Strengthens immune system; Regulates blood pressure; Supports cardiovascular system; Helps regulate body functions

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