Peas are a powerhouse of nutrition and strong anti-oxidants. Peas have such high-quality protein that they are now added to many meals and commercial protein products. In taste, pea tendril microgreens are slightly sweet, with a mild bitter aftertaste, and they have a nutty undertone. The leaves have a texture similar to spinach, although not as delicate. Pea tendrils add freshness and a little crunch to dishes with rich and earthy flavors. Peas microgreens are low fat but high everything else. They contain protein, fiber, omega-3 and micronutrients. Rich in folate, carbohydrates, vitamin A, C, E, B1, B2, B3, B6.

Antioxidant; Helps prevent stomach cancer; Slows aging; Prevents wrinkles; Enhance the immune system; Helps protect from Alzheimer; Protects from Osteoporosis; Contributes to regulate blood sugar level; Prevents arthritis; Reduces bad cholesterol; Beneficial for weight management; Helps keep bones healthy; Relieves constipation; Has anti-inflammatory properties

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